Don't Just Decorate it, Ornamate it!

About Kim & the Ornamator:

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Being a full time hairdresser and now inventor, busy mom of 4, with 2 large dogs and 2 cats you can imagine how easy it is for life to get in the way. I've always loved to decorate during the holidays and did my very best with what I had. Decorations like hand me down wreaths with half a pinecone stuck to a blob of dusty hot glue to bows that had definitely seen better days.


Every year we purchase a fresh Christmas tree. The sturdiness of the tree determined which ornaments could be hung that year, like baby’s first Christmas for example (ours is so heavy!). This was always a mystery to me; why do they make heavy ornaments if there is no way to hang them? Why? Our tree looked like an average family’s tree with garland, random handmade ornaments, Santa Clauses, elves, ball ornaments and the occasional pre-made bow, you get the picture. I often fantasized about having that designer Christmas tree, like the ones I would see in the magazines. Not only did I not know how to create that kind of look, I also had the Anti-decorators to contend with; AKA kids & pets -oh my!


The Ornamator has changed my life, Mom gets the Christmas tree of her dreams and her kids actually get to help. Now I can hang my heavy ornaments every year, make beautiful bows, cluster ornaments, attach floral arrangements, pictures and sprays. Also it allows me to secure my fragile heirloom ornaments and make Beautiful wreaths year after year. If you can put an eyehook or screw in it, you can Ornamate it! Get to work and please don’t forget to send us pictures of your creations!

"The Ornamator Man"

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