Don't Just Decorate it, Ornamate it!

You have Questions? We've got Answers!

With all the amazing and different things you can do with the Ornamator, your bound to have some questions. That's ok because we are here to answer your most Frequently asked questions. Click on the arrows below to reveal the answer. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us. Happy Ornamating!

General Questions:

Ribbon Questions:

  •       What type of ribbons can I use?

    For best results on Ornamator bows we suggest using wire edged ribbon at least  2" (inch) wide for single bow applications.

  •       What size ribbon should I use for the LARGE Ornamator?

    For best results we suggest using wire edged ribbon 4" (inches) and larger.

  •       What length ribbon should I use?

    For an average size single crafter bow we suggest using 48" (inches), about 5 arm lengths. For single crafter bows using the LARGE Ornamator we suggest starting with a 90" (inch) ribbon. Depending on the size of your bows you might want to use a longer ribbon.

  •       Can I use non-wire ribbon?

    Yes, but for best results we suggest using a wired edged ribbon.

  •       Where can I buy ribbon for the Ornamators?

    You can buy wired edged ribbon at any craft store, but check back soon or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to see our special line of ribbons.

Ornament Questions:

  •       Can I use glass ornaments for clusters?

    You should only use plastic or non-glass ornaments when clustering them.

  •       How many ornaments can I cluster together?

    You can easily cluster up to five 2" inch ball ornaments.

  •       Can I use different size balls?

    Yes, you can cluster pretty much any sized ball ornaments.

How Many Do I need:

  •       How many Ornamators are needed to decorate my tree?

    For an average 6' (foot) Christmas tree, using them for bow applications, ornament clusters and securing your heavy and/or fragile ornaments we suggest at least 3 packs of Ornamators.

  •       How many Ornamators do I need to decorate a wreath?

    For an average 16" (inch) wreath we suggest atleast 1 pack of Ornamators.

  •       How many large Ornamators will I need to do a topper

          for my Christmas tree?

    For a full topper it will typically take  2 - 4 individual Large Ornamators, depending on your design.

  •       How many ornaments can I cluster together?

    You can easily cluster up to five 2" inch ball ornaments.

  •       What can I use the Ornamator for?

    If you can put an eye hook or screw in it you can Ornamate it. The possibilities are endless, popular uses for the Ornamator include: Designer bows, ornament clusters, chair back bows, curtains, wreaths, Christmas tree toppers, basket design and floral design for any Holiday or occasion.

  •       Does the Ornamator work on real and artificial trees?

    Yes, it works great on both!

  •       Does the Ornamator work on real and artificial wreaths?

    Yes, it works great on both!

  •       What size is the LARGE Ornamator?

    The LARGE Ornamator is approximately 8" x 3" (inches) long.

  •       Is the Ornamator re-usable?

    Yes, it sure is!

  •       Can I use the Ornamator outdoors?

    We do not recommend it.

  •       Can I bend the Ornamator?

    The Ornamator was designed to be flexible and uses tension to secure your ornamentation to the tree. By bending the Ornamator it loses it's flexibility but, it can be bent for use with other craft projects

  •       What color is the Ornamator?

    The Ornamator is dark green, this provides the perfect camouflage while in your tree.

Idea's and Other Questions:

  •       Can I contribute design ideas to your site?

    We love and encourage your design ideas. Email us pictures of your ideas to Each month we will be featuring our top pick design ideas.

  •       What information do I need to submit my design ideas?

    Title your email with your design ideas. Write a detailed description of your idea and what inspired it. Please attach high resolution images so that we may showcase them properly on our website.

  •       Can I link back to your site?

    Yes, we encourage you to link to our site.

  •       Where can I buy your decorations?

    We will soon be adding a full line of seasonal decorations. Please sign up on our newsletter to be the first to have access.

  •       Can I become a whole seller?

    Yes, please call us at (855) 676-2687 or fill out our contact form. Our hours of operations are Monday though Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.

  •       How long will it take until I get my Ornamators?

    Location dependent, but typically between 3 to 5 business days. International shipping times will vary. We ship standard USPS.

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