How to Make a "No Cut" Ribbon Wreath


 The no cut ribbon wreath is an Ornamator favorite. Just like it sounds a no cut ribbon wreath means no cutting and no wasted ribbon. This also means you can re-use your ribbon for another project when your ready. No cut ribbon wreaths are easy to make with spectacular results every time!

  •        supplies and helpful hints

    Use approximately 2 1/2 Ornamator's per wreath section



    12" inch wreath rings have 6 sections

    18" inch wreath rings have 9 sections

    24" inch wreath rings have 12 sections


    Calculate approximately 1 yard of each ribbon per Ornamator at 6" inches per loop


    Helpful tips for the best results:

     Use wire edged ribbon

     When using multiple ribbons, larger ribbons or full bodied ribbon, require less Ornamator's

    Have extra Ornamator's and ribbon available in case you'd like to add any extra details to your design

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