Hang Heavy Ornaments

This ingenious wire hook will make decorating for Christmas a breeze. The zig zag wire pattern allows you to bridge two branches for heavy or priceless ornaments. Easily add clusters of ornaments or use it to create bows, wreaths and more.

The ornamator is more than an ornament hook. It is a design tool that you can use to make decorating with ribbon and ornaments easy. Not only is it easy to install and uninstall, but it is also reusable year to year. Say good bye to tedious floral wire or hooks!

Hang Heavy Ornaments

Can't tie a bow to save my life

"I can't believe I can make a wreath this beautiful! It looks professional. Like I could sell it! But I want to keep it for myself. What an awesome tool!"

- Danielle P.

Magical little tool

"The little clear one is so much fun to make pretty bows with for gifts. It's easy and fast and it makes the box look really nice."

- Carroll G.

What will YOU create?