Decorating with the Ornamator®

  • Thread a single heavy or priceless ornament onto the center of the wire. The ends of the wire easily hook onto two different limbs on a Christmas tree. Bridging two branches allows the limbs to hold more weight and to hold it more securely. No more dropped ornaments or tedious wiring onto the tree!
  • Easily add clusters of ornaments onto a tree or wreath. Slide three or more ornaments onto the center of the wire and hook both ends into the wreath or tree for pretty clusters.
  • Weave multiple ribbons onto the zig zag form. Fluff out to create simple or elaborate bows for your tree, wreath or chair back.
  • Use multiple ornamators attached to a wreath form to create a ribbon loop wreath.
  • Hang your fragile, heavy, and heirloom ornaments securely in seconds!
Hang heavy ornaments with the Ornamator