Original Size (20 Pack)

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The Ornamator is the top-selling versatile crafting tool that makes creating bows, wreaths, and more fast, easy, and fun!

    • Securely attach clusters of ornaments and build original wreath designs for every special event and holiday.

    • Create ribbon wreaths to make your door welcoming to your guests.

    • Effortlessly create beautiful decorative bows and fabulous adornments for any size gift, wreath, or tree.

    • Connect ornaments into clusters to create and connect beautiful one-of-a-kind designer decorations.

    • Easily affix to the back of chairs for use at weddings, bridal or baby showers, dinners, or any special occasion or celebration.

    • A versatile crafting multi-tool with endless applications.

    • No glue required.
    • Great for hands that struggle with arthritis.

    • Enough for 20 bows, a medium sized ribbon wreath, or making 20 ornament clusters.

Watch how to create a simple bow with the original sized Ornamator for the easiest way to get started.